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Why Get Certified?

Our goal is to educate, train, and mentor CBD professionals to have the knowledge, confidence and professionalism to properly advise, consult and sell CBD products to consumers.

As more and more individuals enter the CBD industry, consumers will want to know who they can trust. They will turn to certified professionals to buy products.

Earn A Designation

When you complete your course, in addition to receiving a certification of completion, you will also obtain the Certified CBD Consultant | CCBDC™ Designation which will help distinguish yourself from others. You will be able to include both your designation and our designation logo on your business cards, LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and any other marketing sites or materials.

The CBD Market is expected to reach $22 Billion by 2022. This is your opportunity to be one of the first not one of the last to obtain a Certified CBD Consultant Designation.

For a limited time you can get the training and education to become a Certified CBD Consultant (CCBDC) for only $99.00.

Now is the time to be a leader in the CBD industry. Get Certified!

Certified CBD Consultant Certificate

For A limited time
Only $99.00

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Our Mission

To educate CBD consultants, affiliates, sales reps, customer service staff and others advising or selling CBD products to consumers.

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Our Impact

The CBD industry is a new emerging industry. There are many individuals jumping on the bandwagon to sell CBD products and there is no formal licensing or training required for individuals to sell CBD products. By providing training and education to consultants, advisers, sales reps and customer service staff, those individuals and the CBD companies they represent will be better positioned to provide more accurate information to consumers improving compliance and reducing their exposure to potential lawsuits.




Our library of training materials can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing you the flexibility to get certified on your schedule not ours.




Our team has over 30 years experience providing training, risk management and consulting services.  




Our customers continue to grow as we provide training and services throughout the entire United States.


Why Get Certified?

As more and more individuals enter the CBD industry, consumers will want to know who they can trust. They will turn to professionals to buy products.

Obtaining the Certified CBD Consultant | CCBDC™ Designation will show your commitment, knowledge and professionalism in the CBD industry.

In addition to being more knowledgeable, earning a Certified CBD Consultant Designation will give you more confidence and help you sell more CBD products.

Add the designation and logo to your business cards, websites and marketing materials.


Certified CBD Consultant | CCBDC™

The Certified CBD Consultant | CCBDC™ designation signifies that an individual working in the CBD field has completed training and passed an exam on how CBD works and the benefits of legalized hemp with less than .3% THC.

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“I recently started selling CBD oil but did not know a whole lot about how it actually worked. Obtaining the Certified CBD Consultant Designation not only gave me more confidence but has also given me more credibility when talking with people.”

Jennifer G.

“I am glad I got certified. I already had a good understanding about CBD, this course helped me confirm it. And the information I received in the members only section helped me save more than what I paid for the course.”

Tom W.










What is Certification?

Standardized training providing Industry-Wide Best Practices for CBD Advisors, Consultants, Sales Reps and Customer Service Staff.

Benefits of Certification

Industry-Wide Best Practices ensure a service and knowledge base that validates your skills as a CBD professional. Being more knowledgeable also reduces your risk of liability.

Get Certified Now

Find out how you can easily be trained and certified online as a professional in the CBD industry.


CBD Companies

Why Certification Matters?

Having trained and certified CBD professionals represent you in the sales process elevates your company image and assists with compliance.


Liability Management

Trained and certified CBD professionals help ensure consistent and proper messaging is being provided to your customers from start to finish reducing your exposure to claims.

Personalized Content Programs

We can create custom Certified Program content that represents the CBD requirements YOUR company expects.

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Put yourself on the fast track to earning more and being a trusted professional!

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Get Started Now

Comprehensive Training Ensuring Managed Expectations of the CBD Sales and Service Process.

Get Certified as a CBD Professional! 

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