Why Should I Take the CBD Training Course as a Consumer?

Originally, the course was only offered to CBD professionals. However, we had a significant number of requests from consumers wanting to take the course. So we now offer the course to consumers, and at a reduce price of only $59.00.

Why should you take the course? Many individuals who have taken the course wanted to know more about the history of CBD and how it works. Do you want to be more informed about how CBD may benefit you? The other reason is, there are many people getting into the CBD business and many of them are not getting trained properly. Learning about CBD through our program will make you a more educated consumer and understanding that not all CBD is equal.

The course is the same course our Certified CBD Consultants take, however you will not take an exam, you will not receive certification, nor will you be allowed to utilize the designation or have access to any of our other services at a discount.

If you pay for and take the consumer version and later decide you want to be certified, you will be have to pay for and take the full Certified CBD Consultant Course, and no monetary credit will be given for taking the consumer version of the course.

To take the consumer course click on the button below.

Why Should Consumers Buy from a Certified CBD Consultant? | CCBDC™

Confidence & Safety

The popularity and use of CBD is on the rise and will continue to grow rapidly over the next several years. There are many people getting into the CBD business that do not have any formal training, knowledge or basic understanding of how CBD works in our bodies.

Everyone is unique and CBD will affect everyone differently.

When you buy CBD products from someone who has completed our Certified CBD Training & Certification Program™, you can buy with confidence knowing that they have gone through training and passed a formal exam confirming they have a general knowledge of cannabidiol and how it interacts with our endocannabinoid system.

You can be confident that they have your best interest at heart. Certified CBD Consultants are not providing you with medical advice. However, they do want to make sure they advise you properly of the potential benefits, recommended dosages, and possible side effects you need to be aware of. That is why they have voluntarily taken the time and expense to go through a training program and get certified. 

You will be buying from someone who is committed to the CBD industry and understands the importance of training, keeping up to date with changes, and increasing their professionalism in a rapidly growing and changing industry.

If you would like the name of a Certified CBD Consultant CCBDC™ near you, please call us at 800.965.2955. ext - 822 or email us at support@CBDcertification.net and provide us with your name, phone number and they city and state you live in.